Interview with Nadir Bucan for Ignant

An interview with a Turkish photographer who spent six years wandering the remote villages of Turkey’s Van region. Stunning photos for my first published piece in Berlin. Read the full article    Advertisements

Profile of Müjde Tönbekici

I spent two days in the remote village of Şirince near İzmir getting to know the marvelous Müjde Tönbekici, a former tour guide and writer who took on the restoration of the village’s… Continue reading

Profile of the Karaköy Neighborhood

Istanbul’s Karaköy neighborhood is a confluence of dilapidated buildings from its once-flourishing commerce days and the vital energy of young people who have opened up their shops, design studios, and cafes. Hidden churches… Continue reading

Dirimart Dolapdere Art Gallery

An interview with Hazer Özil, the founder of Dirimart, which established a brand new gallery in Istanbul’s newly developing Dolapdere neighborhood with German-Iranian architect and Studio MDA founder Markus Dochantschi. Canvas Magazine, September-October, 2016… Continue reading

Profile of Ömer Güllü

I spent a day in Gaziantep to meet the king of baklava, Ömer Güllü, at his giant production facility where baklava masters churn out the intensely saccharine dessert every day starting at four… Continue reading

Profile of Naim Süleymanoğlu

It was quite the ordeal getting in touch with former Olympic weightlifter Naim Süleymanoğlu, but after a few days of relentless pestering, a phone interview led to this article for Brownbook’s Olympic issue.… Continue reading

Profile of Baba Zula

Definitely one of Turkey’s most eccentric bands that continue to keep the psychedelic vibe of the country’s 1970s era alive, my interview with BaBa ZuLa in their studio was really one of the… Continue reading

The Story of Turkish Salep

Made from the root of orchids, salep is one of those Turkish drinks that have been a wintertime favorite for centuries, including the famous salep sellers that used to wander the streets of… Continue reading

‘Small Wonders of Istanbul’ Foldout City Guide

I wandered all around Istanbul shooting photos for this lovely little guide for Copenhagen-based indie publisher, A Book From Lind. The guide features 40 venues that I chose, researched, and wrote, in a… Continue reading

Profile of Recep Cesur

The self-made man Recep Cesur arrived in Istanbul as an illiterate youth and went on to establish his own brand of suits preferred by world leaders such as Saddam Hussein, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Nelson Mandela.… Continue reading